Zehua Zeng

I am a second year Ph.D. student at Department of Computer Science, Unversity of Maryland, College Park, affiliated with Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL). My research interests include Visualization, Visual Analytics, and Human-Computer Interaction.


Operating System


Research Experiences

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Aug 2014 - Jul 2015

    Natural Language Processing Group
    Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Project 1: Chinese Word Segmentation of POC-tagging

    Project 2: Chinese Named Entity Recognition System

    Project 3: Exploiting Pseudo Training Instances for Sequence Labeling Tasks

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Apr 2014 - Sep 2014

    Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University

    Project: Dense Subgraph Maintenance under Streaming Edge Weight Updates Story Identification

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Feb 2014 - Jun 2014

    Future Network Theory and Application Laboratory, BUPT

    Project: Research of the Distribution of Traffic Using in Mobile Business

Work Experiences

  • R&D Engineer, Jan 2015 - Jul 2015

    Natural Language Processing Department, Baidu Inc.

    Word-sense Disambiguation based on Huge-scale Baidu Query Log and Baidu Encyclopedia

Teaching Experiences

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, FALL 2015

    Department of Computer Science, UMCP

    CMSC131 Object-Oriented Programming I

    Instructor: Dr. Nelson Padua-Perez

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, SPRING 2016

    Department of Computer Science, UMCP

    CMSC132 Object-Oriented Programming II

    Instructor: Dr. Larry Herman

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, SUMMER 2016

    Department of Computer Science, UMCP

    CMSC132 Object-Oriented Programming II

    Instructor: Dr. Anwar Mamat

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016

    Department of Computer Science, UMCP

    CMSC132 Object-Oriented Programming II

    Instructor: Dr. Fawzi Emad


  • Sep 2015 - Present

    University of Maryland - College Park,

    Ph.D. Student, Department of Computer Science

    GPA: 4.0

  • Sep 2011 - Jul 2015

    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,

    Bachelor's Degree, School of Information and Communication Engineering

    GPA: 88/100


  • Interactive Website

    Supporting Group Awareness for Multidimensional Data in Collaborative Visual Analytics

    Human-Computer Interaction Lab, UMCP

    We achieve group awareness by collecting the state of each analyst’s exploration and then representing the common state using both (1) in-situ representations that show the focus regions of all users integrated in the visualizations themselves using color-coded selection shadows, as well as (2) ex-situ representations showing the data coverage of each analyst using a parallel coordinate plot or a scatterplot.

  • Interactive Website

    Construction of Femtocell Networks Simulation Platform

    Beijing Key Laboratory of Network System Architecture and Convergence, BUPT

    The project is designed to build the Femtocell Simulation Platform to implement the power allocation of Macrocell Base Stations and Femtocell Base Stations. Afterwards, it compares the signal-to-noise ratio among several power allocation algorithms, such as Water Filling algorithm, Average Power Allocation algorithm and so on.

  • Colorful Website

    Android App: 'Smith'

    School of Information and Communication Engineering, BUPT

    Smith chart is a graphical aid designed to solve problems with transmission lines and matching circuits. Applying the Smith chart, the project aims to develop an Android App which could do some basic electromagnetic calculations based on user input, such as computing reflection coefficients, voltage standing wave ratio and so on.

Contact Info

+1 (240)472-6811