CS Video & Audio


January 30, 2017
Distinguished Colloquium
An Expanding and Expansive View of Computing
Jim Kurose, National Science Foundation


October 21, 2016
Distinguished Colloquium
Winning the War on Error: Solving the Halting Problem and Curing Cancer
Matt Might, University of Utah
October 07, 2016
Distinguished Colloquium
The emergent structure of simple behaviors in complex networks
Nicole Immorlica, Microsoft Research
September 23, 2016
Distinguished Colloquium
Comparing classical and quantum complexity
Richard Jozsa, University of Cambridge
September 02, 2016
Distinguished Colloquium
Interactive Design Tools for the Maker Movement
Bjoern Hartmann, University of California, Berkeley


November 20, 2015
Distinguished Colloquium
Materials in the Wild
Kavita Bala, Cornell University
October 26, 2015
Distinguished Colloquium
Tensor Methods: A new paradigm for training probabilistic models and neural networks
Animashree Anandkumar, University of California, Irvine
October 05, 2015
Distinguished Colloquium
Parameterized and Promised Streaming: Making Big Data More Accessible
Mohammad Hajiaghayi, University of Maryland, College Park
September 21, 2015
Distinguished Colloquium
Visualization, Statistical Modeling and Discovery in Computational Epigenomics
Héctor Corrada Bravo, University of Maryland, College Park
September 14, 2015
Distinguished Colloquium
Understanding mixtures of microbes: a computational perspective
Mihai Pop, University of Maryland, College Park
April 10, 2015
Distinguished Colloquium
Going West: From Sharif to San Francisco, via College Park
Shayan Zadeh , Zoosk


November 21, 2014
Distinguished Colloquium
VR, the future, and you
Michael Abrash, Oculus Chief Scientist
September 05, 2014
Distinguished Colloquium
Designing reality and magic: explorations in virtual and augmented reality
Professor Doug A. Bowman, Virginia Tech


November 04, 2013
Distinguished Colloquium
Language as influence(d): Power and memorability
Professor Lillian Lee, Cornell University
September 09, 2013
Distinguished Colloquium
End-User Programming and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Sumit Gulwani , Microsoft Corporation


November 16, 2012
Distinguished Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture: Experiments in Social Computation
Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania
April 30, 2012
Distinguished Colloquium
When You Don't Trust Clients: A Hybrid Paxos
Professor Keith Marzullo, University of California, San Diego