Department Phonebook

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Lastsort descending First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Raghavan Subramanian Affiliate Professor Robert H. Smith School of Business & Institue for Systems Research 301-405-6139 raghavan [at] (email) link
Ramadan Samah PhD Candidate sramadan [at] (email) link
Rao Jinfeng PhD Candidate jinfeng [at] (email) link
Rao Sudha PhD Candidate AVW 3126 raosudha [at] (email) link
Raschid Louiqa Affiliate Professor AVW 3129 56747 louiqa [at] (email)
Rastegari Mohammad PhD Candidate mrastega [at] (email) link
Ray Arnab Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Research Scientist, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering
Baxter International, Inc. aray [at] (email)
Redmiles Elissa PhD Candidate AVW 3400 eredmiles [at] (email) link
Reese Josh PhD Candidate AVW 3212 #12 jreese [at] (email) link
Reggia James Professor 3233 52686 reggia [at] (email) link
Reilly Lynne Program Management Specialist 4169 56778 lreilly [at] (email)
Reinhardt Tom Lecturer 3239 52773 tomr55 [at] (email)
Ren Brianna PhD Candidate bren [at] (email)
Renehan Savannah Associate Director of Corporate Relations 3441 59695 srenehan [at] (email)
Resnik Philip Affiliate Professor MMH 1401 56760 resnik [at] (email) link
Reustle Alexander areustle [at] (email)
Robbins Bryan PhD Candidate brobbins [at] (email) link
Robinson Wells PhD Candidate welles [at] (email)
Rodrigues Nishant PhD Candidate ngrodrig [at] (email)
Roussopoulos Nicholas Professor 3235 52687 nick [at] (email)
Ruef Andrew PhD Candidate AVW3452 awruef [at] (email) link
Ruppin Eytan Professor 3125 CBCB 59611 eyruppin [at] (email) link